CrownID Application

Coming Soon
  • CrownID allows users to scan cards produced by
  • The app will verify that the card passed level 1 security.
  • If level 2 is required then the card holder can sign a transaction or send a tiny amount of Crown from the address linked to the card to prove they really are the owner.



When we create an NFT to represent a card we take the Unique Identity (UID) of the card (which is generated at source by the chip manufacturer) and the users wallet address and hash those together, the result is a hash is used to create an NFT and is used as part of a command sent to the Crown network via an API call. If the app returns a green tick then the app has confirmed the UID and wallet address match that of the API response. 

UID is hard coded to the card while address is added post manufacture, by us. This adds a layer of security in that if the card was copied onto another NFC tag the UID would be different and would fail verification via CrownID.


Certain NFC chips, including crwcards can ultimately be copied. The UID should be kept private however it is quite difficult to replicate the card design, metadata and UID.

A future version of CrownID will implement an address verifier to ultimately prove ownership over the card, address and username